Solano Foot and ankle

Dwayne HIghsmith, DPM is with Sutter Health. His offices are located at 770 Mason Street in Vacaville and 2700 Low Court in Fairfield. To make an appointment, please call (707)427-5900.

Maria Highsmith, DPM has retired. Below is a list of local podiatrists and their contact information:

  • Robert Choy, DPM and Dwayne Highsmith, DPM* (707) 426-6544 Sutter Health (707) 427-4900
  • Kathryn Fone, DPM Nancy Kaplan, DPM (707) 422-6642 Sutter Health (707)427-4900
  • Jennifer Fong, DPM Kevin Miller, DPM (707) 426-6544 NorthBay Healthcare (707) 646-5599
  • *Board certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery

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